GlobePharma News: Marshmallow Challenge

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Recently, the GlobePharma team united in a team building and leadership exercise.  We worked together to build the tallest free standing spaghetti structure to hold a marshmallow on top.  the competition was fierce, the tape finicky but the laughter and results were worth it.

Our departments were mixed and each group was given 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, 1 yard of string, 1 yard of tape and 1 marshmallow.  The group to complete the structure within 15 minutes and have the marshmallow atop won.  In the end, it may not have been the tallest, but it was the mightiest as the others fell.  Everyone learned that each role is important and could see that each person leads in their own way.  The winning team got to pick out their reward, a donut!

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