• Interchangeable shells of pharmaceutical finish.
  • Can accommodate both V-shells, double cones and bins of 5 and 10 cu.ft. working capacity.
  • Smaller shells of 1, 2 and 3 cu.ft. capacity can also be used with this blender with an optional extension.
  • Optional high speed intensifier bar with magnetic coupling for easy coupling and de-coupling of the intensifier bar.
  • All stainless steel construction and on casters.
  • Can be moved in and out of a room with 7’H x 6’W doorway.
  • Optional built-in lift system to raise and lower the shell on the cart
  • Easy loading of materials into the shells.
  • PLC controls
  • Optional high-speed solids intensifier bars for both V-shells as well as bins
  • Optional portable safety guard and other standard safety features
  • Optional variable speed shell and intensifier bar.
  • Optional sanitary butterfly valve
  • Optional stainless steel cart to transport the shell and for easy loading.
  • Easy cleaning of shell
  • Optional IQ/OQ
  • SIFT-N-BLENDTM compatible
pharmaceutical machinery
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