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GP Mill 1 HammermillGlobePharma's GP Mill 1 Hammermill, table top


  • Incorporates the same process advantages of larger hammermills
  • Results scale directly to larger hammermills
  • Processes samples as small as 5 grams with minimal loss
  • Processes wet or dry products
  • Numerous screen options
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure with 316SS Product contact parts
  • Easily disassembled product contact parts meet highest cGMP standards
  • Variable frequency drive with speed indication
  • Product containment system with integral filters to minimize dust emissions

Formulation Scale Hammermill

GlobePharma’s GP Mill 1 is a table-top, formulation scale, hammermill. The GP Mill 1 is design for small scale milling with the ability to process batch sizes as small as 5g. This compact. hammermill can be used for de- lumping, pulverizing and controlled size reduction of various materials.

The GP Mill 1 incorporates the same process advantages of larger mills and can be easily scaled up. Constructed of 316SS contact parts and a 304SS enclosure, this mill allows for both hammermill (impact) and chopping (knife) actions with a screen. Operators can change between the two styles by simply turning a knob to indicate which style milling is required. Both options are on the same rotor and the reversing motor allows for the ease of use. All product contact parts meet highest GMP standards.

Both wet and dry products can be easily processed. The containment system offers integrated filters to minimize dust emissions. The front blade shroud includes a safety switch for operator protection.

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