Portable & Versatile Hammermill

The GP Mill 5 from GlobePharma is a portable mill. It is our most versatile hammermill with interchangeable chambers of 5.0″ and 2.5″. This unit can be used for de-lumping, pulverizing and controlled size reduction of various materials.

GlobePharma’s GP Mill 5 offers both hammermill (impact) and chopping (knife) actions with a 5.0” or 2.5″ screen. Operators can change between the two milling styles by simply turning a knob to indicate which style milling is required. Both options are on the same rotor and the reversing motor allows for the ease of use. Variable speed maybe varied by using the touchscreen HMI display. The hopper has a special scrapper blade attachment on the lid, which facilitates material to be safely pushed into the feed chute.

The most unique feature is the optional interchangeable milling chamber with a 2.5” wide screen. The chamber, rotor and feeder can be mounted to the same drive by simply unscrewing the mounting bolts and sliding the new chamber and blades into place.


  • Interchangeable milling chambers for both 5.0″ & 2.5″ Screens
  • Numerous screen options for both sizes
  • 316SS Product contact parts and 304SS Enclosures
  • Double Reversing motor for easily switching between knife and impact.
  • Useful for de-lumping, pulverizing and size reduction.
  • Custom lid with attached scrapper to facilitate product flow
  • Touchscreen HMI with user friendly controls.
  • Integrated safety switches.
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