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  • Interchangeable 316SS Bowls, jacketed and standard of 1.0L, 3.0L tulip design, and 5.0L working capacities.
  • All bowls include the 3-blade designed main impeller
  • Optional high speed chopper assembly
  • Touchscreen HMI with user friendly controls.
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Integrated magnetic safety switches.
  • Optional liquid addition system
  • We’re listed with ThomasNet.

Compact High Shear Granulator

GlobePharma’s GP HSG 5 is a table-top, lab scale, high shear granulator. The GP HSG 5 offers multiple interchangeable bowls, both jacketed and standard, of 1L, 3L and 5L. Each bowl includes the corresponding main impeller, mount and lid. The main impeller is a 3-blade design. The 3L is a tulip shaped design. Our optional high speed chopper assembly is available for all sizes.

The GP HSG 5’s user friendly HMI, PLC controlled system, includes visual representations of the current process while providing distinct controls for both the chopper and impeller. If selected, the liquid addition system is included in the controls.

All the product contact parts are made of 316 SS and the enclosure is made of 304 SS and can be cleaned easily.

The bowl and chopper assemblies include integrated magnetic safety mechanisms.

GlobePharma’s GP HSG 5 works both on the bench top or mounted on our custom cart with an adjustable shelf and non-marking casters.

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