Unit Dose Samplers


  • Single Punch compaction machine for use with GlobePharma’s unit dose powder samplers.
  • Interchangeable punches corresponding to standard split sample dies
  • Hydraulic manual pump and piston
  • 5000 lb PSI gauge
  • Portable or bench top mounted

unit dose powder compaction

GlobePharma designed the MTCM-II for user with our unit dose powder samplers. Samples are taken from powder blends to test for content uniformity before further processing, such as tableting or encapsulation. Integrity of the sampling technique is critical in order to ensure accuracy of the test results. Unit-dose sampling has been proven to improve the accuracy of the content uniformity results. However, there is still room for sampling error in unit-dose sampling if the samples are submitted to the laboratory in powder form.

This Unit-dose Powder Sampling Technique further reduces the sampling error by combining unit-dose sampling with compaction of the powder sample into a real tablet in the sample die itself. Compaction of the powder samples into tablets may reduce the sampling error because the samples are in compacted form and handling of the loose powder samples by the operator or the analyst is completely eliminated. Several major pharmaceutical companies have already successfully utilized this technique in situations where the blend samples were failing the content uniformity test while the tablets compressed from the same blends were passing the test.

This technique is strongly recommended especially when you have a low dose directly compressible formulation. Why wait until you have a problem? This technique requires GlobePharma’s Unit-dose Samplers, Split Sample Dies and Manual Tablet Compaction Machine (MTCM-II or MTCM-I). Split sample dies and the manual tablet compaction machine are described below and the unit-dose samplers are discussed under “Unit-Dose Powder Samplers.”

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