GlobePharma’s  Remote Swabbing Tool is made of anodized aluminum (for lightweight), standard tool extendible up to 10 feet with optional extensions to 25 ft, to take swab or microbiological samples from distant locations such as surfaces of large mixers, blenders, dryers, reactors, etc. without actually someone getting inside of the equipment.

At the tip of this tool, there is an anodized aluminum adjustable angle adapter which can be bent up to 90° in order to gain access to the location to be swabbed.

Five different types of clips may be attached to the tip of the adjustable angle adapter in order to hold a swab (with or without a handle), a wipe, a microbiological sampling plate (agar plate) or a swab from a microbiological sampling tube (Swube).

This tool can be completely dismantled and reassembled in a few minutes and is sterilizable. The plastic collars inside the tool segments can be sanitized with alcohol.

An optional mirror attachment with sizes of plastic mirrors (3” x 3” and 6” x 6”) and a flashlight attachment are also available

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