The latest introduction from GlobePharma is the SIFT-N-BLEND® new powder blender with a built-in screening mechanism.


The screen is mounted on the blender shell trunnion and it rotates along with the shell in the same direction, while a paddle turns in the opposite direction of the screen. A variable frequency drive controls the speed of the paddle. The screen picks up the powder and the paddle pushes it through the screen.

The Sift-N-Blend™ can be used on blenders ranging from 4qt to 150 cu ft. GlobePharma can retrofit any blender that has an intensifier bar provision.


  • SIFT-N-BLEND® technology allows for the screening of materials in theblender
  • Eliminates the need to pre-screen any materials.
  • Screens are interchangable.

More uniform and physically stable blends can be obtained.

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