Our highest compression rotary tablet press.

Our new Table-top Rotary Tablet Press which can be supplied with 15 station turret suitable for use with B tooling, 12 station turret suitable for use with D tooling or a turret with 7 stations for B tooling and 7 stations for D tooling. It is our highest compression rotary tablet press.

This machine has the following features:

  • AC Drive with fixed pulley
  • Keyed Turret
  • Variable speed force feeder
  • Pre-compression
  • GMP design
  • 5 ton maximum compression pressure
  • 1 ton pre-compression pressure
  • One piece upper cam track
  • Adjustable machine speed
  • Hard heat treated rollers
  • Turret fitted with thrust bearing
  • Safety-interlocked acrylic guards
  • Hand wheel with clutch and handle outside of the machine
Tablet Press Machine


  • Main Motor:2HP (1.5kw), 1690 rpm, 480V/3 Phase/50/60 Hz or 220V/1 Phase/50/60Hz
  • Force Feeder Motor:1/8 HP, 110/220V/1 Phase/50/60 Hz.


  • D460 x W675 x H1060 mm
Technical Specifications B Tooling D Tooling
Max. Tablet Diameter: 16mm 25.4mm
Max. Depth of Fill: 17mm 20.5mm
Max. Output: 10,800/hr 10,800/hr
Max Compr. Pressure: 4.5 Tons
Max. Turrent Speed: 30 rpm
Min. Turrent Speed: 4.5 rpm
Max. Pre-Compression Pressure: 1 Ton
Upper Punch Penetration: 6mm
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