GlobePharma’s new MAXIBLEND® 1-2 PILOT-SCALE BLENDER is an all stainless-steel self-contained tumble blender for use with powders.


  • Interchangeable shells of pharmaceutical finish.
  • Can accommodate both V-shells, Double Cones and Bins of 1 and 2 cu.ft. working capacity
  • All stainless steel construction and on casters
  • Easy loading of materials into the shells.
  • Blender automatically stops at the home position after blending is complete.
  • PLC controls
  • Optional high-speed solids intensifier bars for both V-shells as well as bins
  • Optional portable safety guard and other standard safety features
  • Optional variable speed shell and intensifier bar.
  • Optional sanitary butterfly valve
  • Optional stainless steel cart to transport the shell and for easy loading.
  • Easy cleaning of shells
  • SIFT-N-BLENDTM compatible
pharmaceutical machinery


  • Shell working capacities: 1 and 2 cu.ft.
  • Shell speed: Fixed speed – 18 rpm, Variable speed up to 25 rpm.
  • Intensifier bar speed: 3300 rpm
  • Electrical: 208, 3 Phase, 60Hz.


  • Enclosure, the clamp, the shaft and the caster hardware are all made of 304 SS.
  • V-Shells are made of 316L SS
  • cGMP Valve: 316L SS with #4 finish on the valve body and #7 finish on the vane, valve lining is made of FDA approved platinum-cured silicone rubber.
  • Shell Gaskets: FDA approved white Nitrile rubber.
  • Safety guard: Frame is made of aluminum and the panels are made of ½” thick acrylic.
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